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Terms and Conditions
International-monetary-group.com is owned and operated by International Monetary Group LP, a New Zealand based limited partnership that offers financial services including international wire transfers, prepaid debit cards, foreign currency exchange, and secured loans. International Monetary Group LP is subject to normal New Zealand commercial laws and is not regulated or supervised by the Reserve Bank, Financial Markets Authority, or any other New Zealand regulatory authority. By registering for an account, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, do not apply for or maintain an account with International Monetary Group.
1.1 The opening of an International Monetary Group account is subject to the verification of a client's identity, location, and capacity to make sufficient deposits onto their account.

1.2 To validate their account and access all services from International Monetary Group, the customer must submit clear and concise proof of identity and residency when submitting the online application for an account.

1.3 The client will communicate to International Monetary Group without delay any change of residence, provided that all notifications and correspondence from International Monetary Group will be validly sent to the last address that is on file for the client.

1.4 The opening account procedure of a Deposit Account is also subject to acceptance of the provisions of these general conditions, special conditions and prices of International Monetary Group products and services.

1.5 This Agreement is binding for an indefinite period.

1.6 International Monetary Group reserves the right to accept or deny any application submitted by a client for a Deposit Account and may at times request additional documentation to determine if an account will be approved.

1.7 The Client agrees to fully comply with our Anti-Money Laundering policy.

1.8 The Client agrees to, and assumes all responsibility for reporting relevant transactions to their respective Fiscal Authorities.
2.1 To access the services offered by International Monetary Group, the customer is identified by his account number, email address and a password that is sent to the customer by International Monetary Group upon the creation of the account.

2.2 The Client can modify the password at their discretion. Client must ensure the confidentiality of his password and never disclose his login credentials to anyone. Client further assumes all responsibility for transactions that are submitted from their account.

2.3 To confirm the creation of his account, the customer must make an initial wire transfer into his account with a minimum amount that is based on the type of account being opened.

2.4 Before creating a Deposit account, the customer must ensure that he/she has all the technical and visual capabilities in order to create, access and manage a deposit account via the Internet and is comfortable with using International Monetary Group Customer Support Online.

2.5 The client will monitor all account activity on his account and will remain solely responsible for all fees and transactions that occur on his account.

2.6 The customer commits to fund his account on a monthly basis to ensure that available funds are sufficient to cover the account's monthly maintenance fee, which is required for all accounts to remain active.

2.7 In the event that insufficient funds are available to cover the monthly maintenance fee, the account will be automatically suspended. The customer may however wire funds into his account in order to re-activate it.

2.8 The Customer acknowledges that an amount equal to two months of monthly maintenance fees must be kept on the deposit account at all times.

2.9 The Customer may submit requests for information or orders via the Internet on International Monetary Group's website. Such requests are handled during the hours of operations, which excludes weekends and holidays.

2.10 The Customer acknowledges that all requests submitted to Customer Support may incur a support fee. The amount of the fee will be clearly stated prior to submission of a rquest.

2.11 The Customer acknowledges that his deposit account is a deposit account and is independent from any other account such as prepaid card accounts or secured loan accounts.

2.12 The Customer acknowledges having read and understood the Schedule of Fees and Services listed on the International Monetary Group website prior to submitting any order or transaction on his account.

2.13 The Customer acknowledges that any order submitted by Customer to International Monetary Group will be considered final and is irreversible.

2.14 The client can view all transactions that have occurred on his account by logging in to their account on the International Monetary Group's website.

2.15 Wire transfers to Personal Deposit Accounts have a monthly limit of 1,000,000.00 EUR or 1,000,000.00 USD or 800,000.00 GBP. Fines are assessed to accounts when the total amount of wire transfers to an account exceed the monthly limit.

2.16 Wire transfers to Business Deposit Accounts have a monthly limit of 10,000,000.00 EUR or 10,000,000.00 USD or 8,000,000.00 GBP. Fines are assessed to accounts when the total amount of wire transfers to an account exceed the monthly limit.

2.17 In accordance with International Monetary Group's Anti-Money Laundering Policy, wire transfers may be subject to investigation. Please review our Anti-Money Laundering Policy for more information.

2.18 International Monetary Group maintains the right to decline or cancel any business relationship with a person or company if the entity appears to be illegitimate or suspicious.
3.1 The client can obtain an international prepaid debit card account from a Deposit Account that will be issued by a banking partner of the International Monetary Group LP, subject to acceptance of client's application.

3.2 The card holder agrees to use the international prepaid debit card only in "Visa - MasterCard" authorized networks.

3.3 The customer will fund the card account directly from their Deposit Account via International Monetary Group's website.

3.4 The base currency of the international prepaid debit card is the British Pound. However, the card allows the customer to conduct transactions in multiple currencies.

3.5 The Client acknowledges the specified delays in the time required to both obtain an international prepaid debit card and to transfer funds onto their card.

3.6 The Client also acknowledges having taken note of the prices listed on the International Monetary Group website for obtaining an international prepaid debit card as well as monthly and other charges related to its use.

3.7 In case of theft of the card, the customer should notify International Monetary Group immediately through their online account within International Monetary Group's website.

3.8 The Customer acknowledges that all transactions on the card can only be made with the correct PIN. Therefore the client acknowledges that in case of loss or theft, the client will be responsible for these transactions as they will not be reimbursed either by the banking partner, nor by International Monetary Group.

3.9 The customer also recognizes that International Monetary Group LP does not process chargebacks for transactions made with prepaid debit cards. All transactions made with the prepaid debit card will be charged to the card.

3.10 Prepaid Debit Cards must be funded within 60 days of card issuance. Cards that are not funded within this 60-day period are subject to immediate cancellation.

3.11 In the case of an investigation or abuse from the client, International Monetary Group LP reserves the right to deny further funding to the customer’s card and to close the client’s deposit account permanently and without notice.

3.12 Each debit card has daily limits that are predefined by the card issuer. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for each debit card's daily limits.

3.13 International Monetary Group LP disclaims all responsibility should the issuer of the prepaid card stop its card program or change its terms and conditions on existing cards. The customer then agrees to comply with all instructions received from International Monetary Group LP.

3.14 International Monetary Group LP is not responsible for the loss or withholding of funds that have been transferred to a card. Should a client encounter problems with their card, International Monetary Group LP will attempt to assist where possible but the client agrees to hold the card issuer liable for any and all funds that were transferred to their card.
4.1 Before applying for a secured loan, the client must ensure that the necessary funds to secure the loan are available on their deposit account. The amount must be greater than or equal to the loan amount requested by the client.

4.2 The Client agrees that the funds necessary to secure the loan will be held and blocked within the client's deposit account for the duration of the loan.

4.3 The blocked funds for a secured loan will be released to the client when the loan has been repaid in full by the customer.

4.4 In case of default, the client acknowledges the rates and the sanctions that will apply to his/her account.

4.5 The loan agreement becomes final when the loan application has been approved by the International Monetary Group. International Monetary Group will inform the customer of its decision by email.

4.6 The Client acknowledges the interest rates of the secured loans before submitting a secured loan application.

4.7 The customer may repay the secured loan before the due date with no additional cost. It will suffice submit a final payment via their online account on the International Monetary Group's website.

4.8 In the event that insufficient funds are available to secure a loan, International Monetary Group reserves the right to deny the loan application made by a client.

4.9 International Monetary Group reserves the right to grant or deny a loan, or request additional documentation necessary to determine if a loan will be approved.
5.1. A variety of financial services may be facilitated through International Monetary Group, including international wire transfers, prepaid debit cards, foreign currency exchange, and secured loans.

5.2 The Customer acknowledges having read and understood the Schedule of Fees and Services listed on International Monetary Group's website before placing any order.
6.1 It is the Customer’s responsability to comply with the legal requirements and regulations on taxation related to the functioning of his/her account(s).

6.2 If subject to taxes, the customer assumes all responsibility for declaring their income in the country of their residence.

6.3 International Monetary Group is not responsible for the tax returns nor the tax reporting of its clients.

6.4 If wire transfers to an account exceed the monthly limit allowed, International Monetary Group reserves the right freeze the account along with all of the funds on the account, and declare the funds to the respective authorities.
7.1 The current pricing conditions applicable to all products and services offered by the International Monetary Group are communicated to the Customer when subscribing to any of the products or services.

7.2 The current pricing conditions are subject to revision at any time. International Monetary Group will advise the Customer by any appropriate means of amending its pricing conditions 30 days before their entry into effect.

7.3 Any amendment will be deemed accepted by the Customer after a period of 30 days after notification of the change.

7.4 In case of rejection of new terms by the customer, the customer should close their account.
8.1 International Monetary Group cannot in any way be held liable for damages or losses resulting from the improper use or abuse of operations submitted through a client's account on the International Monetary Group website.

8.2 International Monetary Group is not liable for interruptions of service caused by the client's computer or external technical failures.

8.3 International Monetary Group is committed to make its best efforts to ensure that the Client has optimal access to its products and services. International Monetary Group cannot in any way be held liable for damages or losses resulting from a bail-in policy applied by its banking partners.

8.4 The Client releases International Monetary Group of all consequences arising from inavailability of the website, especially from technical failures of its equipment, system errors, backup procedures, and services ordered through an account, and in cases of the use of the client’s card by third parties that are not authorized to use the client’s PIN.

8.5 As such, it is the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure the security of his account and verify all information transmistted in all Internet communication. Therefore, if International Monetary Groups blocks a message because it contains a virus, the client acknowledges that International Monetary Group is not liable for any damage that may occur in the absence of consideration and/or treatment of an order sent by the Customer. In a such case, the customer should repeat his order by mail.

8.6 In addition, International Monetary Group may pause one or more of its services for reasons of control or maintenance.

8.7 The liability of International Monetary Group will be cleared if the provision of benefits was interrupted or failed as a result of events such as, for example, a malfunction of the network, the Internet, telecommunications or computers.

8.8 International Monetary Group can not be held responsible for any trouble of emission, reception, transmission and, more generally, all disturbances on the Internet or telecommunications which would jeopardize the operation of the site or its accessibility. In such cases, it is the Client’s responsibility to use other means of communication available to submit his orders to International Monetary Group.

8.9 International Monetary Group is not responsible for transfers where the details of your transfer were entered incorrectly. An administrative fee will apply to wires that are not submitted correctly.
9.1 The customer can opt to close his account at any time and for any reason, pending the complete payment of all debts and/or fees assessed to the account.

9.2 The remaining funds from the closed account will be transferred to the recipient identified by the client during the process of closing an account.

9.3 The customer will be responsible for the fees related to the transfer of the remaining funds and for any debts he/she may have left into his/her Deposit account at the time of closing the account.

9.4 In a case of an account closure and if the account balance or money in question does not possess sufficient funds to cover the transfer, a variable account closing fee will apply to complete the closure of the account.

9.5 All prepaid debit cards remain active until the card expires or 90 days after all funds have been depleted from the account, at which time the card is cancelled.
10.1 To maintain clear correspondence, no customer should disrespect a representative of International Monetary Group. As such, the client commits to:

- meet the minimum courtesy for orderly conversation

- avoid argumentative messages

- Use the French or English language only

- Refrain from writing in all capital letters

- Avoid repetative punctuation

- Specify a subject related to each message

10.2 Customer is prohibited from using or producing false documents when opening a deposit account. Any use of false documents will be reported to the authorities of the country of residence of the client.

10.3 The Customer is prohibited from posting messages on forums or blogs about International Monetary Group. The Customer further agrees not to promote nor slander the name "International Monetary Group" or its partners in any communication.

10.4 Clients must not fund their deposit account with an amount below the minimum requirement. Penalties apply when the minimum deposit amount is not met.

10.5 The client is prohibited from wiring funds onto their account that exceeds the monthly limit. Additional fees for non-compliance will apply in all such cases.

10.6 The client is prohibited from contacting a partner of International Monetary Group. For questions regarding his/her deposit account, card, or secured loan, the client agrees to contact International Monetary Group's Customer Support from their online account.

10.7 In general, it is forbidden for the client to miss one or more clauses of the current Terms and conditions of International Monetary Group.

10.8 International Monetary Group may at any time suspend, freeze or terminate the account of a client who does not comply with one or more clauses in its general terms and conditions without notice, damages and loss.
11.1 In the event of death of the client, and as soon as International Monetary Group has been informed, the account will be frozen. The family of the deceased or a notary must send a death certificate to International Monetary Group and all cards linked to account of the deceased.

11.2 The remaining funds on the deposit account will be returned to the notary in charge of the inheritance, after all pending, outstanding and unpaid fees at the International Monetary Group have been deducted from the remaining funds, including the costs of transferring the remaining funds from International Monetary Group to the the notary in charge of the inheritance.
12.1 In view of extensions and improvements of its services, International Monetary Group reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time the current terms and conditions.
13.1 This contract is subject to the laws of New Zealand.

13.2 The language to be used during any dispute is English.

13.3 In the event of litigation, the courts of New Zealand will have exclusive jurisdiction.