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What is International Monetary Group?
International Monetary Group LP is an international Financial Institution with the Approved Issuer Levy Status number 113504998800, operating under the regulations of New Zealand as a New Zealand Financial Company.

International Monetary Group LP offers Financial Services to both Individuals and Corporations worldwide with no limit on the number of customers, deposit amounts or selection of currencies. International Monetary Group is legally allowed to provide the following services :

Deposit Accounts
Debit Card Issuance
Credit Card Issuance
Prepaid Card Issuance
Issuing of Financial Guarantees
Issuing of Financial Instruments
Cash Management Services
Current Accounts
Checking Accounts
Saving Accounts
Term Deposits
Issuing of CDs
Wire Transfer Services
Payment Processing Services
Fund Management
Marketing of Investments
Forex Dealing
Currency Exchange
E-Currency Issuance
How do I know that money is safe with International Monetary Group?
All funds deposited within International Monetary Group LP are held in top rated secure banks in Europe and are accessible 24/7.
What can I do with my International Monetary Group account?
Your International Monetary Group account allows you to wire your salary, manage your money, make your own wire transfers, obtain a secured loan or apply for a prepaid debit card. Your International Monetary Group account gives you complete control over your own money.
What does it take to be approved for an International Monetary Group account?
You must be at least 18 years old and provide proof of your identify by submitting a copy of your ID and a utility bill with your application.
What currencies are available with International Monetary Group accounts?
International Monetary Group currently offers accounts in British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen, Polish Zloty, Swiss Franc, and US Dollar.
How can I open an account with International Monetary Group?
You must complete the online application and upload the copy of your ID and utility bill. Once your account has been approved, you must send a wire transfer to your account in order to activate it. All instructions will be sent to you once your application has been approved.
How long does it take for my account to be validated?
Accounts are usually validated within 3 business days.
How can I fund my International Monetary Group account?
Accounts are funded through wire transfers. You will be able to fund your account with an IBAN or a SWIFT number depending on your location. Instructions for wiring funds to your specific account will be sent to you once your application has been approved.
What is the maximum amount that I can send to my International Monetary Group account?
The monthly limit that can be wired to a personal account is 1,000,000 EUR, 1,000,000 USD, or 800,000 GBP. The monthly limit for business accounts is 10,000,000 EUR, 10,000,000 USD, or 8,000,000 GBP.
How can I access the funds on my International Monetary Group account?
You will be able to access your funds and account via a secure connection to your IMG account on the International Monetary Group website. Your login credentials will be sent to you once your application has been approved. The account will only be activated once we receive your first incoming wire transfer to your account.
Why is International Monetary Group better than an Offshore Bank?
Since International Monetary Group operates via a huge banking network, we protect our customers from invasion of privacy. Our customers do not have to go through the very difficult application procedure that is required by most offshore banks.
What type of cards are available to International Monetary Group clients?
We offer a prepaid debit card solution. Our clients can use the funds from their International Monetary Group account to fund their card with any amount. Clients can apply for a card directly from their IMG account.
I have bad credit, can I still get an International Monetary Group account?
Yes. We will approve clients, even with a bad credit.
I have bad credit, will I still be eligible for a Secured Loan?
Yes. Once you become a client, you will be able to apply for a Secured Loan immediately. Certain restrictions apply.
What does it take to be approved for a Secured Loan?
You must be have an active IMG account with us in order to be apply for a Secured Loan. Funds that you will use to secure the loan must be available on your Deposit Account and the amount must be more than or equal to the amount of the loan that you are applying for.