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International Monetary Group LP (IMG) services are available to companies and individuals worldwide, excluding nationals and residents of New Zealand and the United States. While IMG operates outside of the territorial scope of New Zealandís Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009, we maintain and adhere to a comprehensive risk-based compliance program to detect and deter the financing of terrorism or the act of laundering money.
Due Diligence
In accordance with our compliance program, stringent due diligence is performed on all applicants and we must be satisfied that all information provided by the applicant is correct prior to opening a new account. This includes the applicantís full name, date of birth and address, as well as supporting documentation to verify the applicantís identity and residency.

Acceptable forms of documentation to verify identity would be a passport or other government-issued ID that displays a photo, ID number, signature, date of birth, and expiration date. An acceptable form of documentation to verify residency would be a recent utility bill or bank statement displaying the applicantís name and address, date, and contact information of the organization that issued the bill or statement. IMG may periodically request updated information for the purposes of ongoing customer due diligence.
Transaction Monitoring
IMG monitors transactions to ensure that all accounts are used for legal and intended purposes. We may request additional information regarding any transaction and we reserve the right to cancel or deny any transaction that is deemed to be suspicious, fraudulent, or inconsistent with an accountís normal transaction activity.
Consequences of Non-Compliance
Also in accordance with our compliance program, we may cancel any business relationship and/or block the funds on any account where (a) customer refuses to provide information or supporting documentation regarding their identity, residency, or account activity upon request; or (b) customer provides us with fraudulent or misleading information; or (c) we have confirmed that the account has been used for fraudulent or illegal purposes. In any event, all suspicious transactions will be reported to the authorities.